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Who We Are

    Profit for purpose

Advantage Creative CIC supports the development of innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent in the creative industries.

We reinvest all profits from our investments into further activity to support creative entrepreneurs.

What we do…..

    Seed funding + nourishment = business growth

We blend seed investment with expert business advice to help creative businesses grow.


How we do it….

    Partnership working

We work in partnership with banks, investors, and a wide range of public and private sector partners to establish finance and enterprise initiatives for the creative industries. These include:

  • Incubator programmes for creative entrepreneurs at the very start of their journey
  • Accelerator programmes for creative startups to help them grow
  • Angel investment for creative companies to seed fund their development


Why we do it….

    Our aim is to inspire and equip the next generation of talent, helping creative industries businesses start-up and grow.

Advantage Creative was founded to stimulate investment in the creative industries. 

The creative industries are a significant growth sector in the UK, but have tended to face significant barriers to accessing finance to support the growth of their business.

Investors lacked the expertise to fully understand investment opportunities. Creative businesses lacked the skills to effectively pitch to investors.

“Access to finance has been identified as one of the major challenges to the growth and maturity in the UK creative industries. A large proportion of the sector is made up of small businesses, to it is crucial that the UK’s business environment enable such companies to be born, thrive and regenerate.”
Creative Industries Strategy, Creative Industries Council, 2017

Our Advantage Creative Fund was set up in 2003 as one of the first venture capital funds dedicated to investing in the creative industries. 

Our investment of £5.4m in creative industries companies levered a further £5.9m of private investment and helped stimulate a much healthier investment ecology for the creative industries.

We now focus on supporting creative entrepreneurs through the early stages of building their business. 


Our team…

    Our USP: Experience in creative & cultural sector + Expertise in Funding & Finance 

Our Directors and Associates have a diverse range of skills experience across the areas of creative industries management, business planning and financial management, and access to finance and funding.

We all have one thing in common: a passion for supporting artists and creative entrepreneurs on their route to success.

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